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My friends are really important to me, and I try to show that often and infinitely. I wish someone would do the same for me sometime. Like just write me a note to reassure me that I’m a loved person or something, I don’t know. Feeling sad.

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Highly ethical in their actions, Idealists hold themselves to a strict standard of personal integrity. They must be true to themselves and to others, and they can be quite hard on themselves when they are dishonest, or when they are false or insincere. More often, however, Idealists are the very soul of kindness. Particularly in their personal relationships, Idealists are without question filled with love and good will. They believe in giving of themselves to help others; they cherish a few warm, sensitive friendships; they strive for a special rapport with their children; and in marriage they wish to find a “soulmate,” someone with whom they can bond emotionally and spiritually, sharing their deepest feelings and their complex inner worlds.


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"White women’s feminisms still center around equality…. Black women’s feminisms demand justice. There is a difference. One kind of feminism focuses on the policies that will help women integrate fully into the existing American system. The other recognizes the fundamental flaws in the system and seeks its complete and total transformation."

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Shout out to femme nonbinary folks who have their identities questioned because they don’t live up to a patriarchal definition of androgyny

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why is there even such a controversy over why girls are doing better in school. why is this an issue. why cant you just accept for once that men are not fucking better than everything. there is actual proof that girls perform better than boys in school in…

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was this not my high school experience in white liberal san francisco


was this not my high school experience in white liberal san francisco

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they both look a little nervous about what the other one might write

then just the biggest smiles when they are reassured yet again how much they just love each other

I’m actually jealous rn

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"respect the dead"

not if they were horrible people

death doesn’t absolve you.

we all die. that doesn’t suddenly erase your history.

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